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dr paul talalay

Fight Cancer With Broccoli Concentrates and other green vegetables

Everyone remembers when his mother said, "Eat your broccoli, it is good for you. "Research is indicating that his mother did everything I know! In this article, we will discuss research on cruciferous vegetable extracts and how to fight cancer.

Dr. Paul Talalay of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine showed that sulforaphane a phytonutrient found in broccoli may help fight cancer in laboratory mice. Other studies have shown that diets rich in broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and other vegetables can significantly reduce your risk of breast cancer, colon and stomach cancer.

Dr. Paul Talalay discovered once unknown reason why these vegetables may help prevent cancer. Dr. Talalay discovered that broccoli contains sulforaphane compounds, these compounds have shown that cells to expel the toxins that cause cancer in laboratory animals. Dr. Talalay also found that when you isolate these compounds sulforaphane and feed the mice, this compound accelerated the process of detoxification in animal cells.

Dr. Talalay published report showed how his research team isolated Sulforaphane broccoli and fed these groups of mice in high doses. After several days the scientists found that cells in the mice had triggered an enzyme to neutralize chemical carcinogens in cells. Dr. Talalay said the investigation beyond this study published analyze the long-term effects of this new enzyme is predicted that chemical compounds sulforaphane blocked the formation of tumors in animals to study, hoping that this will be true with humans too.

Dr. Talalay preformed previous studies have shown that specific proteins in the cells called phase I enzymes can take the chemicals and turn them into carcinogens or cancer causing agents. He also found another protein called phase II enzymes that may hinder the operation and the formation of carcinogens. Dr. Talalay found the broccoli compound sulforaphane in fact active This phase II enzyme, which helps protect cells against carcinogens.

Further research should be conducted to determine the amount broccoli must be consumed to have an effective anti-cancer effect in the body. There is more than 10 years of research on cruciferous vegetables to show that cruciferous vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. A large database has been compiled from this research that gathers and confirms cruciferous vegetables affect how the body.

In class, cruciferous vegetables can accelerate the production of enzymes help the body neutralize cancer agents. Studies also show that cruciferous vegetables can protect our DNA from damage and slow the aging process. Another study has also shown that women cruciferous vegetables can help regulate metabolic processes and help eliminate bad estrogen all the time maintaining a good estrogen can reduce the risk of beast cancer.

Many of us know that eating our vegetables is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but when it comes to this, the evening meal, I always pass. Fortunately, several manufacturers offer mixed formulas containing vegetable broccoli, spinach, carrots and cabbage in a tablet easy to swallow you can take every day. If you find your self skipping the vegetables in the dinner plate, you can always go to your local or internet health food store and buy a mixed formula of vegetables to help maintain better health and prevent cancer.

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